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My questions here are:

1) After the years it's taken Corsair to (maybe) sort this out, why can't they bother making an OS X installer for the 2.4 firmware updater?

2) Why aren't Mac users warned that the installer doesn't work on OS X?

3) Why is there no indication on the official Corsair site that they don't support OS X – where they quite contrary touts their SSDs as "Proven technology with installations on tens of thousands of systems worldwide"?

Please note that these questions are not rethorical – I've asked before, and I really want answers. See also this thread for my experience with the issue:

Corsair now say that they'd be "happy to update the firmware for me." Great. They want me to remove my main drive, sensitive data and all, and send it overseas for an indefinite amount of time. I don't even know if it will solve the problem, all the latest posts in this thread considered.

I would advice all Mac users to stay away from Corsair products, and all users in general to be very cautious, as Corsair promises more than they deliver wrt compability, and additionally fails in supplying users with relevant and well-known info on their sites.
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