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Post CORSAIR ONE Z270 BIOS 4C3 Update SOP (October 2019)

Important Note: This guide ONLY APPLIES to CORSAIR ONE systems equipped with Z270 motherboards and 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processors.

Step 1 – Prepare a USB drive with the BIOS update files

Download BIOS update from (or click here for direct download) and prepare a USB flash drive by unzipping the download file and copying the contents of the unzipped folder to the root of a blank USB drive (formatted FAT32).

Step 2 – Boot to BIOS w/USB drive inserted

Insert prepared USB drive into your CORSAIR ONE and boot to BIOS by pressing DELETE key until the BIOS screen appears.

Step 3 – Disable Secure Boot in BIOS

Once in BIOS, hit F7 and go to “Settings” -> “Advanced” -> “Windows OS” -> “Secure Boot.” Ensure that “Secure Boot Mode” is set to “Disabled.”

Step 4 – Boot from USB flash drive

Change the Boot Priority in “Settings” -> “Boot.” Change “Boot Option #1” to the UEFI USB Key (the prepared USB drive with the BIOS update files).

Hit F10 to save settings and restart, the system should now boot from the USB drive.

Step 5 – Follow prompts to proceed with initial BIOS flash

Note: If the current BIOS is version 4QF, the following prompt will appear:

Note: The system will reboot once during this process.

Step 6 – Reboot to complete initial BIOS flash and return to BIOS to begin second flash]

Press DELETE key as the system boots to return to BIOS screen.

Hit F7 to go to “Advanced mode.”

Select “M-FLASH”, follow the prompts.

Select the “E7A66IZ1.4C3” file on the USB drive.

Continue following the prompts, the process may take a minute or so once it starts.

Note: The system will reboot twice during this process.

Step 7 – Go into BIOS again and apply default settings

During second reboot of the BIOS flash, hit DELETE on your keyboard until the BIOS screen appears again.

Hit F6 to apply “Optimized Default” settings (this’ll undo the “Boot Priority” and “Secure Boot” changes made previously)

Hit F10 to save and exit BIOS.
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