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I think your H100i is at its end. Typically, you should not see coolant temperature (H100i Temp) go past 40C, except when in a very warm room environment. 57C is way out of bounds. The coolant and cpu temp typically are only in unison when at a resting idle with power saving features reducing the Vcore. That coolant temperature is a measure of how much heat is in the system and 57C that means something is wrong and it can’t get rid of it. It could be mechanical and the pump is just spinning but not moving fluid. However, more common is the fluid is blocked from efficently getting to the radiator. If you put your hand on the exhaust side, the air should be 57C as well. That would be uncomfortably hot on your skin. Most likely the air is going to feel cold. That is the telling indicator something has gone wrong.

The H115i Pro is plenty of cooler for the 9900K. The difference between a 280mm radiator and a 360mm (H150i) dwindles as fan speed increases. As for the fans themselves, you most likely will not need more than the 1100 rpm you get on the stock fans. As it happens, I ran this premise through my own system yesterday with a 2080 Ti connected to a 280x27mm radiator. I was really trying to keep the coolant temp as low as possible and on a tight rein. I ran through my various fans, including the 1200 rpm ML140-RGB/Quiet, Noctua A14 industrial 2000, and ML140 Pro 2000 rpm. The ML fans are indentical in construction, except the lights and max speed. As such they have identical performance at the 1100 rpm radiator restricted max. This amounts to a +10C coolant change on the 315W GPU that was running hard. Increasing the speed to 1500 rpm saved me 1C. 1850 rpm (max on radiator) saved me 1.5C. 2000 rpm is intolerable if you’re in the room and frankly I can’t handle 1500 either. The surprise to me was my A14i were worse than the ML by 2C at 1100 rpm and louder. At 1500 rpm, it was only even with the ML Pro at 1200. Now all of this is with 300-315W. A 9900K will at worst a 100W less meaning the difference between 1100 and 1500 rpm is likely to be 1C or less. You will be fine with the ML-Quiet and the 9900K will always be limited at the cpu itself.

I do not recommend the H100i v2 for you.
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