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Arrow H100i each day my CPU temp is hotter !

Hello, folks,

This is my firs post here on forum.
I use a Corsair H100i ( Not the v2 version ) for 5 years now. My machine uses an intel i7 2600k overclocked to 4.6Ghz ( 16Gb RAM ) and I use it basically for Adobe Premiere rendering. It is a very good computer, considering the age and speed.

In the last weeks I noticed my CPU temperatures way above the normal. It began with adobe premiere rendering giving windows BSOD, which never did earlier. I checked temperatures, and noticed that while rendering, it went to over 96 degrees celsius. This is odd, because some weeks ago it used to be around 60 to 70 degrees, even overclocked.

I disabled overclock and temperatures went down a bit, but over time, it keeps raising again and again. Now, even in stock clock, ( 3.4 Ghz ), and using only 5% of CPU load, I get around 70 degrees celsius. I checked Corsair Link software, and the pump is around 2200rpm and fans around 2000rpm. I tried the performance mode, but no improvement on temperatures. I donīt know whatīs going on, because just now, for instance, I read 57 degrees on the H100i ( Link ) and 72 degrees at the CPU. Whatīs happening ? Looks like H100i is cold in relation to the CPU, as the heat is not transfering completely to the H100i, is that right ? The air flowing above the PC is not very hot, as it used to be. I donīt know whatīs going on. Is my H100i dying ? Over the last month I didnīt notice any strange noise on the pump, but today I noticed for some minutes, then it went normal. No noise.

In the case of changing the water cooler, what cooler do you suggest ? If it is the case, I intend to purchase one with a very robust construction for long lasting. I donīt intend to change cooler from time to time. I know 5 years is a good time, thatīs why I choosed corsair.

I was just seeing the new H100i V2 and H115i Pro. H115 looks nice, but I donīt know about performance, looks like it runs fans on 1200rpm, which is somewhat low, and I intend to soon purchase a new Intel i9 9900k running at 4.8 to 5Ghz, but here on my country, these Corsair coolers are VERY expensive, and I donīt intend to purchase the H150. Would the H115 Pro work fine for a good overclock on i9 9900k ?

Thanks any help in advance

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