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Your case specs suggest it does, with the referenced modification. However, anytime you try to put a 360mm anything in a case labeled as a Micro Tower, you had better expect some compromise. The obvious one will be 27-30mm less GPU length clearance with the additional front mount. Other potential issues are the hose insertion points coming out of the end cap on the radiator. If bottom orientated, you must negotiate the GPU. If top orientated, you might run into clearance issues with the top mounted fans. The case front can accommodate a much wider 280mm radiator/fans, but there is a specific reference to a maximum 126mm width. That seems a bit odd and clearly suggests there is a restriction at one end or the other. Probably the PSU shroud bottom, but these are all questions we can't really answer since none of us own the case. The cooler dimensions are fairly clear and standardized, but the intricacies of your case are not always so transparent and only the manufacturer can offer you specific details.
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