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I too have the same issues with my m65 pro rgb. My forward and back buttons do the same thing frequently usually a reboot will fix it but it will just do it again in due time. I must admit at least I can install the latest version of icue now and it runs. For awhile I had to install an old version for it to even open so I would have 2 corsair products that wouldn't do, anything. Thankfully they managed to fix the software, somewhat. I am still very disappointed in the icue software it's been more issues than hassle. And the fact that you can only use the visualizing setting with the lights with a corsair headset really was petty I thought. You have a long way to come with the icue software I love the quality of the physical products themselves from corsair but the software for a lack of better words sucks. Has anyone figured out a fix to this mouse button issue with the forward and back not working, usually in the middle of a league of legends match or a intense game of Mw2 never when I'm doing absolutely nothing does it happen. Only during the worst times imaginable.
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