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Default Maybe it's the hub

I had the same issue with the disconnect notification playing every 3 seconds. I had changed my lighting setting to my keyboard from rain to a pulse. When I changed the setting I would get the disconnect notification only when the keyboard was fully lit. The notification would go away after the lights dimmed and then comeback when fully lit. When changing back to the rain lighting profile (which doesn't light up every key to peak brightness) I didn't receive the disconnect notification anymore. I have my keyboard plugged into a usb hub that is connected through a single usb 3 port on my motherboard. I really have no idea and this is more of a guess, but I think that if your set up is similar to mine when your keyboard draws more power (every key lit to medium or peak brightness) the usb has trouble supplying sufficient power to the board causing the disconnect notification. This is just a guess and an observation that I had. I don't know if anyone has said the exact same thing throughout this whole forum. Try a lighting setting that doesn't light every key on your board or a setting with lower brightness and see if that helps.