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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
If you are hearing anything in a high frequency range or that changes it's tune with the fan speed, something is wrong. It could be in your power run or it could be the fan. Move the fan to a different control source and see if the issue persists.

No 140mm fan is quiet going past 1000 RPM. The ML are better than most and I can take it for about 200 rpm more than all others. The good news is you really shouldn't need to run higher than that and if it is is ML140-RGB, you can't. A normal fan noise at that speed should sound pretty much like a loud fan and nothing else. There shouldn't be any audible background underneath and the blade/air noise should drown it out.
I've tried 2 ML 140 Pro (non rgb ver.) on every commander pro header, and also moved it to a normal motherboard header. It's the exact same. All the other LL fans I have are perfectly normal, no buzz sound even at full speed. Also, I'd like to add that the advertised speed on the box says 2000 rpm, but both fans I've tried do not reach that. The first one reached 1790rpm and now this one I think around 1850rpm Let me know if you think this is the normal sound or not please:

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