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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
CO-....44 is the twin pack (grey) and yes it is the same physical blade and motor as the "46" ML140 LED fans. They both will have the same fan performance, speeds, and ranges. You can certainly use those in push-pull and it would not matter how you split them. That said, there is a cost differential between the LED and the twin pack. Usually you don't get something for nothing, so it is possible the frame does not have rubber corners or perhaps less weight in addition to the obvious lack of of lighting. Regardless, no problem running these as a pair on either side. The LED prices are fairly low. You may also be able to find another 2x140 white if that's what you want.

The RGB version is a bit different. Same fan blade, but the RPM limit is reduced to ~1200. It was meant to be a quieter version without the 2000 rpm max. Now, you can certainly still run those in push pull using a different control source to help balance them (do you have a Commander Pro?), but realize there are quite a few requirements to getting into RGB lighting. Each fan has two wires, one for fan power, one for lighting power. Fan power cable goes to fan controller. Lighting cable goes to RGB Lighting Hub that requires SATA supplied power. That in turn connects to the Lighting Node Pro, which acts as the lighting control device and interface with the software. It is a fairly large price difference going for the ML140 RGB twin pack (has everything you need) to the C0...44 grey twin pack.
Thanks for the reply c, I have the three pack of ML120 fans so I already own the Lighting Node and the Led Hub. My main concern is if I can use the RGB fans as a pair with the ML140 WLed which I already own since I donít own a Commander Pro or if it would be better to go for the twin pack?

I can also find the following product in Greece, CO-9050045-WW, which appears to include the rubber plastic, is it the same as the ML WLed as well? Does it come to a twin pack? The front mounted fans wonít be visible so leds wonít be a priority unless I move the WLed in front and add 2 RGB ML140 if itís possible to pair them with the rest of the build . Also will I need two Y splitters?

Thanks in advance
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