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You listen for key clicks exactly the same way you do for any other keyboard or mouse, by using your language's standard I/O functions. The CUE SDK extends this to allow to listen for the non-standard USB IO controls for G and M keys, but standard keys are handled just like your program would handle standard key input from any keyboard; this is not part of the Corsair SDK but part of your own computer language's library or native functionality.

The purpose of the Corsair SDK is primarily to set lighting on the Corsair device. So your program could listen to the keystrokes, and then use Corsair SDK to enable lighting on keys you specify, which could be exactly the keys you've received, or perhaps some sequence of keys.

The Corsair SDK has examples that would be used with Microsft Visual Studio, which knows how to interpret the various files found in the examples folder. The source code of the examples is written in C++ and can be found in the .cpp files.