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Default Corsair One Tips and Troubleshooting

Hello all, I recently got a Corsair One Pro(1080GTX version) and wanted to start a thread that might have useful information that others can use. In the below steps, I suggest getting your updates first before changing any settings because some updates might revert any settings you might have done before installing them.

First Things:

1. Get the latest nvidia drivers for the 1080 or 1070 depending on which on you have:

2.Get the latest drivers with MSI Live Update. (If you are trying to find the default folder where these are saved C:\MSI you will have to change the folder view
settings to show hidden files/folders.

3.Run a windows update to get the latest patches.

My Own Personal Recommendations:

The below applies to connecting through HDMI, I do not know what people connecting with DVI see under the same options.

In the Nvidia Control Panel under [display-->change resolution] scroll down and check to see if you have a setting called Output Dynamic Range. Change that from Limited to Full and press apply(to make sure your monitor can support it). If you don't see the connection there, check under [Video-->Adjust video color Settings] and set it to Full. If your screen blacks out after pressing apply. Just turn off the computer and turn back on, your monitor may not support Full.

Note that installing a new version of the Nvidia Driver resets these options so you will have to go change them again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.My display shows nothing when I try turning on the computer.

Enter the BIOS and set the PCI Express to "Gen 2". Note that if this fixes the issue, you should still contact Corsair to make sure your computer was not part of a recall batch.

2.Why can't I wake up my computer from sleep with my USB mouse/keyboard?

Go to the Bios by pressing the delete key when starting up the computer. From there, find the "Resume by USB" and enable it.

3. The computer will not boot.

A lot of things can be the cause of a computer not booting but below are some things to try:

Turn off secure boot in the bios under Settings->advanced->os management->secure boot. And turn it to disabled.

Another thing to try if no image comes up on your display might be trying the hdmi port in front of the computer since it is native.

If the above two do not work, try unplugging the computer and pressing the Clear CMOS button on the back of the computer for 10 seconds. (Note that this resets all bios settings to default)(So if you disabled secure boot like mentioned in instructions above, it will be turned back on when doing this)

4. Will reinstalling Windows 10 void my warranty and also will Windows 10 automatically activate?

No your warranty will not be voided by reinstalling Windows 10. Corsair One has a key in the firmware for Windows 10 Home Edition, so it will automatically activate without having to type in a key. Other Windows 10 Editions will work but you will have to buy a key to activate it yourself.

Also make sure to download and install "Corsair Link for ONE" after reinstalling Windows 10. This is a needed software to make sure your system does not overheat(it adjusts the fan speed based on how hot the system gets.)

This and other downloads for Corsair One can be found here: Under category select Corsair One.

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