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Got some more Corsair goodies to show off. Thanks Corsair!

What's the only thing sweeter than a brand new Corsair Neutron GTX SATA3 240 GB SSD?

Two of them.

These are the flagship line of SSD offerings from Corsair. You can link here to read all the detail specs. I'll do some benchies after installation. I'm planning on running them in a RAID0 array. Nothing critical will get stored on this computer. The BBBB has some shared storage on it's RAID5 array. The PPPP is just about finding FaceBook friends as fast as you can. :) I think it's universally agreed that RAID0 is a must-have for Pinterest machines also. That's just science.

This is the first 7mm SSD I've played with. It is striking how slim it is if you are used to the more traditional thickness.

Time to void that warranty.....

It comes apart very easily for mod options.

The whole PCB can come out of the case with just a few screws. Takes maybe 30 seconds to go from fully a warranty-less PCB laying in front of you. But don't you feel good anyway??!! :)

Mod options here are many. The SSD case is a nice aluminum, so I could have that powder coated to match either the pink or the black in the case. Exact match. I also love the window mod that L3p did on some SSD's a build-log or two ago. Although I don't think those were the 7mm SSD' it might be tougher to pull off. I'd have to get some real thin plexi so as not to bother any components in there.

But if I do a window mod, I could even put an LED inside the SSD case to light it up from the inside. That would look sweet. There is plenty of room on the top end of the case. The PCB doesn't even extend to the last inch or so of the SSD case.

Another option would be to shuck the aluminum cases that they came in, and put both SSD's together into one little acrylic casing. You could join the PCB's for both SSD's together with standoffs, and they would still make a very slim package.

Whatever I end up doing...I think I want to really show these SSD's off. I need to find a prominent spot in the case where these can really be seen....and then do something special with them.
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