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Default I had the same problem and this is what it fixed for me:

Hello everyone,
I might have found a fix. (It works for me.)

I am using a K55 keyboard, a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, a Blue Snowball MIC and a PS4 Controller (Dualshock 4 Version 2) that I later just refer to as 'controller'. Everything worked together without any problems for about 2 years, until two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I bought a Corsair Force MP510 960GB nVME SSD that arrived and that I installed a week ago. I had to do a clean installation of Windows and I installed everything to be able to game (Steam, Uplay, Origin,...).
As soon as I would connect my controller any other USB device that was connected would stop responding. One time it was my mouse, sometimes my mic, sometimes the keyboard and sometimes multiple at the same time.
I also had the problem that Windows Common Shell DLL would freeze when I wanted to calibrate my controller in Windows. Unplugging the K55 stopped the freezing and gave me the option to calibrate my controller.

So this is why I thought it was a problem related to the K55. (Just to be clear, I love the K55.)

So what I did:
  1. First I updated Windows (10) to the latest version
  2. I updated all device drivers using the device manager (really every device that was listed there)
  3. I then installed iCue and updated everything that could be updated (currently I have iCue Software Version 3.16.56)
  4. I repeated step 2 to be sure
  5. I disabled "Wireless Controller" under "Sound, video and game controllers" in the device manager. (This stops the PS4 controller from taking over your sound devices (mic, headphones, input/output devices)
  6. But this is what I think it did: Because the PS4 controller has light, I tought that the lights of my keyboard may conflict with the lights of the controller (and other devices), so I disabled "Enable SDK" (so it is unchecked now) in the iCue Settings. This disables the ability for games to control your lights of your connected Corsair devices. (I did the same for my other devices that have RGB and this option.)
  • (In steam I also have "Guide Button Focuses Steam" and "Playstation Configuration Support" toggled on under Steam's General Controller Settings (Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings).

When this was all done, I was able to use all my devices together again. No problems since then.
I hope this can help someone. (Let me know. )

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