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Originally Posted by Corsair Wootaru View Post
Hello MeatFeastMan,

Is that coupon for our website? When the price mentions that the "Tax is included" it is the item + the tax in the 299. Otherwise it would say something along the lines of X amount before tax or tax isn't included.

May I just ask...I placed the order but once again I'm confused. Because in my paypal 304 has come out of my account, pending authorisation. BUT..when I clicked 'place order' on the checkout, I went through all the steps and it put me back on the checkout page saying there was an error with payment details.

So has the order been placed or has it not been placed? I have an email from Paypal saying an order has been placed, but the Corsair checkout error is basically saying that it hasn't.

Usually when I purchase an item online it sends me to a page saying my order has been placed and I can print something out. But this time it didn't because of the error.

I hope that if it is an error you can help me out here because I don't want 300 down the drain. I had all the details right. It said where to ship it to, it had the grand total and I paid through paypal but returned an error, so I'm not sure what I did wrong if I did anything wrong. I can provide you with the email from Paypal if necessary. I'm not clicking place order again until this thing is resolved because I could end up paying twice which would be ludicrous.


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