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The only workaround (until Corsair updates their drivers/firmware/software) is to uninstall the CUE software AND disable all the Corsair "HID" devices in device manager - if you try to uninstall them, Windows will just re-install them. I tried everything reasonable, including buying a separate powered hub, and the ONLY thing that worked was removing their software and disabling their drivers - unfortunately this means you lose all custom functionality of the keyboard, and your lighting will be locked into the "Rainbow" pattern. It was that or not be able to use my keyboard and ANY USB game controller at the same time - I had to physically unplug the keyboard for my system to become responsive while a controller was also plugged in and any app/game was querying it. I have NEVER had this kind of experience with any other USB keyboard/peripheral I've used, and I've thoroughly explained the steps I took to Corsair. as others have said - Corsair doesn't give a ****, they'll just blame Valve/Microsoft etc. because they refuse to fix their product and don't care about their customers because they already have their money. I will certainly NOT be buying Corsair peripherals in the future.