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Originally Posted by Corsair Alan View Post
Hi silostrike,

Please try the following so we can figure out the issue and the next step.

1. Power off the unit and Clear the CMOS by actuating the switch on the rear panel for 10 secs.
2. Once the unit reboots, please run PC Doctor if you are able to.
3. If issue persists, then try resetting the unit to factory setting(we recommend you to back up your data just in case):
• Turn PC “Off”
• Turn PC “On”
• Press and hold “F8” key until menu is prompted
• Select “Troubleshoot” from menu
• Select “Reset this PC” from menu
• Select “Keep my files”
• Select “Choose account to continue”
• Enter “Enter the password for this account”
• Select “Reset”
• Wait 20 minutes for process to complete

4. If this does not resolve the issue, please file a customer support ticket and PM your Serial Number and Ticket number so I can track the issue.
Thanks for the reply, I've given up on the hdmi audio issue because the boot issue is getting worse.

The computer does not "cold boot" as in if I have it shut down for 4+ hours I have difficulties trying to start it. Sometimes it takes 20+ attempts at pressing the power button for it to finally display something on screen.

Things I've tried:

-clearing the CMOS
-turning on wake by PCI-e device
-unplugging all usb devices while booting
-disabling the corsair one boot splash screen
-disabling fast startup
-disabling hibernation altogether

I am at a loss and its extremely frustrating. Maybe one day it will not boot at all. Is there a way to tell if I have a hardware fault? (PSU or motherboard?) When I press the power the top fan begins to spin and I can see the red mother board light but no power to usb and no video output.
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