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Originally Posted by hrm993 View Post
They are selling products with last firmeware (in this case 5.07) in over the world but if you ask them to put last firmware in site to customers can DL and use it they say that we are testing and it takes too too long to pass test
lol! So why new products in markets have last firmware if it has not passed test yet
Again updating a firmware on a productive machine where greatest noobs are doing it is a completely different thing than manufacturing a drive with a actual FW-chip in a factory.

If a charge would not work, they can simply build a new one or replace the chip.

5.07 is actually not secure for the update-process in general, does not mean your drive/chip would not work, it only means the update-process is not safe.. or untested, so you wanna be the first one to beta-test the update... for no reason... i dont understand that.

The factory does not build SSDs with 1.2 and flashes latest update first, they build it with actual FW-chip and check functionality with a regular protocol. Because the 5.07-SSDs pass the tests does not mean the file 5.07 would work for update on ANY of the Sandforce-drived having older FW-chips.

To prevent masses of brick the safety of these FW-update files must be verified, no matter what the factory does on new hardware - that is simply of no concern.

Accept the facts! Be patient.

You are free to report your problems if 5.05 has any for you...

Again people like you here "lol"-ing about nothing but themselfes then would be the first ones that troll around when the FW-update process brick their drive, as if corsair does nothing to ensure safety of the updates, but even when they release it a brick can happen and you click to accept that risk on your very own

You even did not provide a suitable reason WHY you need 5.07... what does not work, what is broke, what is the problem? simply nothing, just seems like a kid begging for what appears a"candy" starting to get angry and start crying... "i wanna!", I totally agree

Nobody knows what 5.07@corsair exactly is.
And whats even worse, nobody still knows what 5.05@corsair exactly is.
There is no corsair changelog, so we just "assume" it needs to have something to do with what other manfacturers fixed in there 5.05/6/7, but this in fact may not appear to corsairs-versions (no i cannot link you that in here, you have to search these on your own)

Tell us what is wrong with 5.05 please... we are waiting to troubleshoot if it is a FW or drive problem or OSI-8-problem

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