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be glad you got a more actual SF-FW by the factory default ... actually update seems not to be "safe", so live with it and please stop complaining. we all want newer FW for this SF cr*p! you are not alone. this question has been asked at least 3 times - dont be afraid to click "search" and type "5.07" before you did your 1st post for this reason, none of these people got a special treatment or a download, actually there is simply no download. corsair test FW-update for every single version for every single disk-model and all need to pass, if one not passes, none get an update until they fixed that. BE GLAD! so there is nothing to expcect. whatever corsair does: you complain. when the update would fail, you would complain. if you have errors, report them. do you have one? why do you want the FW-update, is it for academic-reason, to make it look more "beautiful", or what? i can even understand that, same here in someway, but you have to be patient for your own safety, same than me and everyone else, or buy a new drive.

not to sound pathetic, but these are more or less the reasons.

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