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Default Corsair Link show wrong PSU Model

Hi all,

I got yesterday a AX860i - as a RMA change for my AX750. Very nice from Corsair to upgrade the Model because I had 2 RMA in 6 month.

Installed it yesterday and installed the Software (latest Version 2.3.4816), all good but then I saw that the PSU is shown as AX760i and not as AX860i.
As well under Devices it is shown as AX760i without any Info befind Version and Channel 785. It is connected with delivered USB Dongel and connected to the Motherboard (Crosshair V Formula -Z) on a USB 2.0 Connector ( USB11/12).

To test if something was going wrong by the installation or with downloaded software - I deinstalled all ( with multiple boot of the OS) and removed as well the Corsair Folder in App Data. Reinstalled - nothing changed - then tryed the Software Version 2.2.0 and the latest Beta Version. All time the same result. As well change to a other usb 2.0 connector on the board ( 9/10). Allways show AX760i.

Anyone seen this before ? wrong reading of the usb dongle or wrong firmware in the psu ? Could it effect the psu if the power use will overgo the limit of a AX760, because it does not know that in real it's a 860i ?

It look there is no Firmware actual to download and install and the Corsair Link Software does not show it as a option to install a Firmware on the device. Would it later possible, if it's a wrong Firmware in the PSU to upload the 860i Firmware to solve the issue?

hope somebody have some answer on my questions. And I hope the answer is not RMA - because this would be then Nummber 3 in 8 month.

thx in advandce Olsen

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