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I think the top is a risk. The 220T is like a lot of recent cases -- a mid tower with a shallow top. Others have reported RAM collisions with taller modules like Vengeance Pro or certainly Dominators. I think the motherboard top ATX 4/8 plug and VRM heat shield are probably even more insurmountable.

I don't see a lot of argument against front mounting in a case with no drives to block flow and a clear exit path right out the top. The product page has an illustration of this and a 240 or 360mm radiator would be a good choice. Putting a 120mm in the rear slot if likely to be substantially less successful, both in drastically reducing radiator surface area and putting in in the path of the GPU waste heat (rear exhaust). Best results are going to be front intake.

Now the real trick is max GPU length is listed at 300mm, but presumably this includes fans only. Less 30mm for the radiator puts it at 270mm and there is the quaundry indeed. Unfortunately, I don't always trust the maximum GPU length listed. What we really need here is a 220T owner to take a measurement. Hopefully a few will see this.
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