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Originally Posted by rongtw View Post
They may have sold lots of hardware , but people who are new users will not know about the problems with software untill the try to use them
I see what you are saying buddy. but it's not the case...

It's no good saying the issues are universal and that new users should be wary when the majority don't see it at all and indeed the chances are they wont either.

as I said above... way more people don't have problems with the software... massive amounts more dude... it's a tiny number in a huge picture that do suffer ;)..

Yes Corsair should work at ironing these issues out for everyone. but that takes time and they are working on it,, SOOOO many variables with computers to consider.

Best way to see this point is go searching for something you are very happy with.. that has never given you a problem.. you will be surprised how bad it will look because no one came online to say how great it was but the few that had issues will make it look like worse than it really is.

It really is down to.. You can keep most of the people happy most of the time. but in no way can you keep everyone happy all of the time... standard rule of life I am afraid to say...

Really hope the OP gets sorted :(.. hate to see a man down :( and hate it even more when I can't help pick him back up!..

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