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Originally Posted by rongtw View Post
Yes :( lots of post here Highlighting the fact that decent hardware is being let down by BAD software .
No doubt Corsair will lose sales because if this

Bet they sold more K95's in the first hour of release than they have total members on this Forum......

You do understand that the few that come here with a problem in no way represent all the people that don't have a problem don't you?

Rare someone is SO happy with a product that they jump online and rush to the manufactures forum and sing songs of praise...

Yes it's bad for a few... but it's massively successful to the masses.

Now of course my above statement is of absolutely no use to the OP other than letting him know this is in no way the norm for users of corsair products...

All i can suggest is. try it on another machine.. if it's not repeatable then start looking at what software is installed that may conflict with CUE...

Sorry you are suffering this OP.. wish I had more to offer in the way of help