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Originally Posted by Corsair Dustin View Post
So I've been looking into this issue, there's a lot of back and forth going on behind the scenes here, and here's the deal.

When you were offered your initial RMA, you would have two options:
1. Conventional RMA: You ship us your unit, we ship you back a replacement (supposed to be a brand new one.)
2. Express RMA: You give us a credit card number to hold as collateral, we ship you a replacement (supposed to be a brand new unit), you ship us your old one.

On the Express RMA side, it's SOP for most companies to place a credit card hold or something to that effect. That helps protect us in case we send a replacement and never receive the original.

Where things went south was when your unit was taken for repair instead of just being replaced like it ought to have been. I don't know if the options were explained to you properly, and it looks like things definitely got fouled up on our side.

Looks like things are shaping up now with KECIA
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