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Originally Posted by munixed View Post

EDIT: I think I may have figured out whats happening, I set all the fans that are supposed to be there to static except for fan 6 which is rainbow. Fan 1 is fine, but fan 2 has the colour flickering in the top right like the video, which I think is the supposed to be the last fan. This surely has to be a software issue not recognising all the fans...
I am going to feel bad if this is a lighting set-up problem, although I thought it was working before. In iCUE, make sure the Lighting Set-up Tab under the LNP device icon is set to LL fans and 6. Telling it you have 2 LED strips would stop it exactly there.

The critical troubleshooting element is to make sure you test the fans in different positions on the RGB Lighting Hub (not the LNP). This is the 6 port power conduit for fan lighting only. It should be in the back of the 011 somewhere. Take the fan lighting cable plugged into #2 and swap it with #6. If the fan is bad, 1-5 will now work and 6 will be stuck. If nothing changes, it may be a bad RGB hub or something else.
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