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Originally Posted by DanielP View Post
...The temps were very high - about 10 degrees higher than normal and creeping up. It doesn't really matter what the actual temp was because it will be different for everyone's machine, but for mine they were running high. Off the top of my head I was pushing above 80 degrees on the CPU and the coolant was in the high thirties.

...And I'm used to running CPU intensive games so the notion that some background task would be pushing the CPU into meltdown is also unlikely.
Something clearly happened, but the what is definitely a bit odd. What you described is exactly like a hardware (cooler) failure and the continually creeping temperatures is a classic sign. However, the CPU temps in the 80s and the coolant temps in the high 30s is not a cooler failure. That is 100% maximum load. The difference between the coolant temperature and the cores indicate the CPU was loaded and a +50C differential is going to be near maximum CPU usage for an 8700K in the 4.7-5.0GHz range. If the cooler had dropped off for whatever reason, the coolant temp would go 30-35-40-45...60-65.. right up until shutdown.. in about 2 minutes. However, the CPU temps would sit right above it. If the pump goes dead stop, the coolant around the CPU needs to get up to 80C+ for you to hit the shutdown. The cooler then works perfectly on the restore. There is nothing you can do with iCUE to make the cooler behave this way. The Windows update should not alter any BIOS settings and the Hero X is perfectly capable of handling any of Corsair's coolers. You haven't listed your model. I'll guess a H100i v2, but we can work that out and make sure you have it set up the right way in the BIOS. Regardless, the flip-flopping on Windows should have made no difference for any motherboard setting.

You're right, it seems extremely unlikely for any stuck program to use 100% of the CPU resources. I have had issues with Aura or Mystic Light getting stuck on my 8700K, but the most that has ever been is 13% or so and it just reads like something is working in background. Not the escalator to shutdown you experienced. I am not sure what could cause this. Maybe something deeply corrupted within the Windows OS regarding CPU assignment, but that is not my area. From an software standpoint, maybe only AI Suite would be deep enough into the processor to cause that much chaos. The problem people seem to run into on the OS updates is drivers do not always come through unscathed. If you are trying to be as safe as possible, anything with a deep lying driver essential to the system can be uninstalled before the update, block automatic updates during the upgrade process, then reload them yourself when done. Not everything needs to be done this way, but I find sound and video drivers to the most sensitive. It also may be related to changes Microsoft makes to the way these drivers are handled. I am guessing based on your comment about the motherboard software controlling the other fans you do have AI Suite installed. Based on years of Asus experience, that is the most probably suspect.

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