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Originally Posted by Galanek View Post
Hello all,

I've recently got the Corsair One Elite and I am having an issue that another user posted about last year.

It regards trying to change the user account picture from the default Corsair One icon.

At first I suspected it was a problem with Windows since an update, so I've opted to factory reset the Corsair One, however the problem still persists.

When I try and change my account picture (Or that of any other user) I get the OSM "Account picture error
Setting the account picture failed. Please try again."

I am hesitant to do a clean install from external media in-case I lose any ability to install the Corsair software again to a working state.

I am wondering perhaps if there is something in the recovery build on the Corsair One that could cause this problem?

I know it's a super minor thing, but it's something that will bug me over time.

I have tried most solutions I can currently google as there is general issues with Windows 10 and this error, however they can be resolved using the methods in these posts, whereas this one seems to be specific to the One.

Any help would be fantastic.

that's strange...try disable any 3rd party security software you have installed (if any) and see if that help.
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