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Default [Dark Core SE] Mouse suddenly and unexpectedly unable to connect via Bluetooth

I've owned this mouse since December, and thus far the only issue I've occurred with it is the occasional, randomly-occurring case in which the mouse loses all function until I turn it off and on again (my 2015 MacBook Pro still reports it as connected during this time), but that's not what I'm here for.

Today, I turned on my mouse to use with the aforementioned laptop, but for some reason it didn't connect. It had been charging overnight (and is on full battery right now), and hadn't hit/bumped into anything, and it had been working perfectly fine when I last used it the night before, after which I immediately plugged it in for the night. I turned the mouse off and on several times, tried re-pairing it with my computer, and even did a hard reset, but it still won't connect.

Every time I attempt to re-pair the mouse via bluetooth, the profile for it DOES show up on my computer, but when I actually pair it, my computer spends some time doing whatever operations it's trying to do, my System Preferences window actually ceasing to respond temporarily, and then lists the mouse as connected for a few seconds before ultimately disconnecting, my mouse never actually establishing any real connection to my computer. Even upon exiting and re-entering System Preferences, and after turning the mouse off and on again, my computer either refuses to try establishing a connection any additional times, or can't find the mouse at all, despite it still being on and sitting less than 1ft away from the computer.

Also, I've tried connecting the mouse via cable, and it works perfectly fine then (haven't tried 2.4gHz yet, though), but still can't connect via bluetooth. Not sure if there's some sort of factory defect involved or I'm doing something wrong (and I can't find the manual that came with the mouse).
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