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Sadly none of that works. It has to be an issue with Corsair’s initial bloatware bundle because it exists from the moment you open the box.

I noticed early on that the normal permissions to even make adjustments to the user account from the start menu icon bar (where your mini user pic is located) were also truncated and didn’t have the normal options.

I tried deleting the bloatware one-by-one but the permissions weren’t restored. When I tried to do a windows reset, PC Doctor (Corsair’s Diagnostic Utility) had reinstalled itself. So I ended up doing a windows refresh which restored ONLY programs included natively in Windows. The result? ALL the Corsair bloatware returned including Corsair Diagnostics.

SOLUTION: A clean install of Win 10 (not a reset or refresh) from a USB wiped all of the Corsair bloatware and restored full functionality to the system accounts and pictures. I re-added iCue without issue. Bottom line is that this should never happen with a new purchase. Hopefully the folks at Corsair can tweak their initial software package for future customers and avoid scratching their heads, shrugging, and blaming the antivirus. As a minimum, it would be great if they responded with a solution instead of saying ‘hmmm that’s weird’ and disappearing.
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