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Default iCUE v3.14.104 Patch Notes

Hi everyone,

Here are the official patch notes for iCUE v3.14.104.

Patch Notes for iCUE v3.14.104
  • Resolved a minor issue with incorrect playback for Audio Visualizer with Dominator Platinum RGB
  • Resolved an issue with pinning and unpinning information with DRAM to the dashboard from the Timings Tab
  • Dashboard now has a revert to defaults option in Settings
  • Resolved an issue with Hardware Playback not playing properly on startup with Hydro Series Coolers
  • Hydro Series Platinum Coolers now support None for fans in Lighting Setup
  • Resolved an issue with OSD not displaying on software startup
  • Renamed "Backward" to Back" for Mice Buttons for consistency with terminology
  • All warning notifications for iCUE are now removed from iCUE System Tray icon
  • Implemented an enhancement for K83 to disable the R button. This will require a new firmware update (v3.19)
  • Surface Calibration and Hardware Profile tabs are now shown for all wireless devices (but you will still need a physical cable attached to enable these features)
  • Resolved an issue with HS60 improperly showing Lighting Effects
  • Audio drivers have been RS5 certified
  • Resolved various other minor issues

Update: There is a known issue with a certain VIA chipset and wireless products that may result in a crash when waking from sleep. The VIA 3.0 chipset in question is using driver version: 10.0.17134.1. We recommend, if possible, to switch your wireless dongle to a different USB port that isn't using this specific chipset to avoid any potential issues with device performance and iCUE.

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