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Default Mic Issues After Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

If you have performed the latest Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (1803) and experiencing issues where the mic does not record any audio, but does provide sidetone audio through the earcups, there are some steps you can take to bring back functionality:

1) Right click on the speaker on your system tray and select Recording Devices
2) Select your headset and set to default
3) Open your Windows Settings by clicking the notification box in the lower right corner on the taskbar (may be different if you relocated the bar)
4) Select "All Settings" -> "Privacy"
5) On the left side, select Microphone
6) Make sure the toggle switch at the top is enabled, as well as any other applications you use your microphone in

Be sure to double check your individual application settings and ensure they are set to the appropriate audio device.

If you continue to experience no functionality, please contact our Technical Support staff for further assistance.
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