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Originally Posted by einsindrei View Post

i want to buy the new H150i Pro Cooler, but i didn't find any information about the compatibility with the asetek bracket, which is include in the threadipper. Or must waiting the bracket kit for TR4 Socket?

Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
While it is, I think, an asetek cooler, the bracket is quite different from the previous asetek coolers and attaches with a different mechanism. It's much, much easier to change out ... and there is another bracket in the box ... but I don't think it's a Threadripper bracket. The instructions just say "AMD".
Hopefully Corsair can provide a definitive answer.
The bracket has changed with the newer pump design and the included AMD bracket is only for AM4 and earlier compatible AMD sockets. We're working on a solution for sTR4 (Threadripper) which hopefully won't take too long to be available for those that want to use the new PRO coolers with X399 systems.
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