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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
I think I understand the problem.
You have a Lighting Node Pro. It came with ONE cable to connect the LNP to a Fan Hub Controller.
You purchased, standalone, a second RGB Fan Hub because you have more than 6 fans and, therefore, needed the second hub.
However, you do not have a cable for this second hub. Correct?
Correct mate, and this kit is what I find but no one of those cables are correct

I'm completely upset, for a 30 cents of cable I have to spend at least 10 euro for shipping, always if I found it anywhere in this world...

More funny if you check the package LL RGB Kit Contents, that cable is not mentioned at all and it was there.... also in the standalone Hub the cable was not mentioned in the package contenents, and it was not there. Which crazy commercial policy is this??????????????????????

Seems that Corsair is telling to the customer: "Do you want a cable? Buy another Node Pro"

I think this is the first time I spent 200 euro in Corsair kit and fans and this will be the last, and not just for fans...

As my uncle said: "I hope all of my money you'll have to spend in medicine...."

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