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Just to chime in....
I built my PC last April:
Phanteks Primo case.
Corsair AX860i PSU
Intel i7 6700K (stock) - BIOS now F21
Gigabyte Z170X Gaming G1.
Corsair LPX Vengeance 2 X 8GB modules.
Samsung 950 M.2 Nvme 256GB X 2 modules.
Intel 750 400GB Nvme SSD
Samsung 850 250GB SSD
Plus a couple of WD HDD's for various things...

Now, the PSU went into the boot loop sequence after a couple of months, so removed it and installed my old HX620 and it ran just fine.
Then replaced that with a new RM550X and the PC again ran with no bother.

I RMA'd it back to Scan Computers, and received a new replacement about a month later.
Installed that, and it ran OK for a few months before the boot loop kicked in. So had to put the RM550X back in, and all was fine again.

This time I contacted jonnyGuru in his forum, and he arranged for another RMA back so that he could try to find out what was wrong.
Initially they found no problems, until the got the exact same motherboard as mine, and then it played up.

I received my 3rd replacement PSU a couple of months ago, and yesterday it booted to the desktop, froze, and had to shut down the PC using the power button, and then when it tried to reboot, I switched off the PSU.
Back in went the RM550X........again.

So far I have got through 3 PSU's, and a bit pointless in doing another RMA because I expect the 4th one would then get grumpy after a couple of months or so....

I like Corsair PSU's and in my 'old' 2009 PC I did have the initial HX1000 pack up after a couple of years, and got a HX1050 as a replacement, which is still going fine since then, and handy to use for the internet should I have any problems with this 'new' one.

I guess I will have to live with the RM550X (hopefully for quite some time) but may replace that with a slightly higher wattage PSU later on, as I prefer to have two separate power cables for my 980Ti rather than the one which is split into 2 x 6+2 connectors.

It seems that this PSU does not like Gigabyte motherboards, or especially mine in particular.
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