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I really want an RCA on this. I just bought an AX860i, haven't even received it yet, and now I'm seeing more serious talk about these issues on the forum, as opposed to the mindless complaining on Amazon.

I'm planning to use mine in a serverish role, not a gaming rig. Actually, formally it's a workstation, but it's being used to develop server software, hence I went for a server-class board, and a heavily monitorable power supply and cooling system, and optimized for multi-threaded performance, et cetera.

If this thing is going to be flaky, it was already a bad decision.

I don't mind going through some debug cycles, I'll even open it up and put a JTAG cable or whatever on it from a laptop so I can get captures as it goes down, but I will most certainly need Corsair's active and wholehearted support for such an effort.
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