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Originally Posted by Corsair James View Post
I think the real issue is your stereotyping of gamers or supporters of the logo as "burned out teenagers chugging mountain dew and yelling into teamspeak."

While I didn't mind the original Corsair Gaming logo, I know there was a strong reaction from the online community. However, given that the number of products that were rebranded with the logo had no drop off in sales, it was safe to say that a good product with a controversial logo is much more important than a controversial product with a good logo.

I also dislike mountain dew.
I'm not actually stereotyping gamers as that. I'm stereotyping the people that logo was aimed at as that I am a gamer, and I'm certainly not that. I just also have the awareness to know that the common perception of it is as such. Correct or incorrect, it's a perception I really don't want to be associated with and I think the original reaction made it clear I wasn't alone in that.

As for the drop in sales or lack thereof, I could go on and on about external factors, sample size, etc, but I'll just point out that you are changing it less than a year later, which clearly means you thought it wasn't working given how adamant you guys were that it wasn't going away when that backlash was happening.

The gaming logo was a mistake, but today it has been rectified, so all is good, or at least shall be soon enough.

Originally Posted by wytnyt View Post
Id rather have a Porsche with ford emblem on it rather than a ford with a Porsche emblem on it,,, assuming of course if that were the only choices...
I also see users wanting the best of both worlds as I do also...
Well the Porsche would probably burst into flames regardless of the logo on it anyway =P

But seriously, if Porsche, or BMW, or Audi say suddenly started marketing their cars with flame decals and labeling them as "street racer edition" or something like that, I'd genuinely question their judgment enough to shy away from the brand.

I dunno, every time I think about this whole circle of events it reminds me of New Coke (even more now that the circle is complete)

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