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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
None of the current Corsair coolers have a huge threadripper sized cold plate. However, many use them successfully. While a 240mm probably works, you might be interested in going up to a 280mm or 360mm if your case can accommodate it. You get a couple degrees more back, but the real win is you can do so at much lower fan speeds.

There are a lot of confusing model names and parallel product lines, so feel free to ask questions. I think the models you would be interested in are the H100i Pro or Platinum, H115i Pro or Platinum (280m), or the H150i Pro (360mm). There are some subtle differences between them relating to the OEM and mostly how much RGB you get in the box. The Platinum coolers come with more RGB stuff and that is the difference in cost.
Thanks for your answer!

For what I've seen though, not even now it's possible to find an AIO Cooler for the Threadripper :S How's that?

I've a 570X, so space wise should be ok. But I think a 240 radiator should be enough no? I would rather keep the 120mm fans I have as a push-pull set up as I have it now.

Gor the images I've seen, the cooling surface of the H100i Platinum might be bigger than the H100i Pro?

H100i Platinum

H100i Pro

So you think this could handle the Threadripper without any issues?

Thanks a lot!
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