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Thanks so much for the info. Well, I'm getting a 9700K so I guess it will be an 8 core CPU, but not professional work :)

Decided to get a H110i, it's a third of the price (locally, so not in US) for what I imagine is 80 to 90% of the performance. It will be top intake not exhaust so should be good with the wobble noise :)

Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Most fans are a bit louder when inverted in the horizontal plane (top exhaust) because of the bearing design. The fan blade hangs down on the end of its "spindle" and you get some wobble. When flipped the other way, the gravity pulls the blade onto the cushioning (of whatever type) and balances the blade. It's not a night and day kind of difference, but it usually perceived as a coarse tinge to the tone. Most any fan made in the last 5 years uses the FDB/rifle bearing variation that is prone to this. An exception is the ML series that uses a magnetic levitation system to keep the blade off the opposing ends of the spindle. Works fabulously for inverted fans and the coarse tone disappears. However, there is no free lunch and the mag lev action might be perceived as hum at very low fan speeds in a very quiet room.

Unless you are running an 8-16 core CPU for professional work, you are unlikely to notice any performance differences at all between the various fans. You will have a lot of surface area on the 360mm and airflow will not be the limiting factor. Your CPU + voltage will be. You can expect single digit coolant deltas, so again a fan difference might be +-1C. Given how much these fans cost, always go with the one you really want.
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