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Not to any measurable degree. Maybe 1C under certain conditions. The ML-Quiet may be slightly better at low fan speeds where the flatter blade has an advantage. As the speed increases, the LL probably puts more air through the radiator. In either case, we are talking about 1C in coolant temp differences. Don't decide on this factor and the statistical differences are not enough to be meaningful. I just switched back to MLs from my HDs, which are very similar to the LL blade design. Zero change. Not even measurable.

The aesthetics of the two fans you can judge for yourself. The more notable physical (or acoustic) differrences are when the fans are at medium speeds. The HD/LL will start to become noticeable about 200 rpm or so sooner than the ML. Thus, you can run the ML faster (providing slightly more air) for the same level of noise. Nevertheless, that does not mean it provides an improved cooling effect. The difference in fan noise is very noticeable when mounting them in the inverted top position. The sound differences are lot less when vertically mounted, like as front intake where most 360mm radiators will go.
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