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Originally Posted by solarity View Post
It looks like you have your measurements flipped :)

To be honest the 360mm will out perform the 280mm radiator. Also when it comes to fans. The 140s tend to have higher CFM, though lower Static Pressure. The 140s will run at a lower speed, while making a little less noise, though the 120s will be able to force the air through the radiator better, due to their slightly higher static pressure. To be honest I think that 3x120mm look cooler, when mounted to the front.

Then again GPUs tend to throttle more from heat. It might be best to use the 280mm in the top exhaust, while using the front to supply fresh cooler air to the GPU. I would question if a 3rd rear exhaust fan would negatively impact performance.

Yes, that shounds very Logical. The GPU might get not as good cooled as it would with air that didn't flwe through the hot radiator before. But the case is that I've never seen anyone puting the Radiator at the top in this case. Also corsair itself Shows the front as the Right place for the Radiator in the official Spec Omega RGB YouTube Trailer.

Please excuse the incorrect capitalized words in my comments. My Computer is doing it automatically because of the german interface. ;)
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