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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
The A version is older with the product literature timing it around the X99/110/170 releases. The Z version references the Z270 and Ryzen and obviously came later. Does it matter for your current board? I doubt it. You should probably check your compatibility list anyway, but I suspect the later Z kit won't be there. Most board makers don't do a lot of testing with later kits.

If you have your eye toward a Z370 set up later, it might make more sense to save the 30E now. You are going to need it if you want a 32GB 3600+ RAM kit at the current prices.
Thanks a lot
Is the Z version XMP 2.0 as well then? Even if there's no reference about it at bottom description?
I will then take the Z version probably, I'm planning to upgrande from 8 to 16GB but my current mobo doesn't take more than 2400, that's why I need this little frequency.
However I think I can then oc to 3000, right?

Thanks a lot
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