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Default Difference between RAM CMK16GX4M2Z2400C16 and CMK16GX4M2A2400C16

Hi all,
I want to get some new 8*2 rams and I'm wondering what's the difference between CMK16GX4M2Z2400C16 and CMK16GX4M2A2400C16.
One letter difference, on Corsair website they look exactly the same (same latency, speed, even same box) however the Z2400 version in the description at the bottom

doesn't have any field regarding XMP 2.0.
However both model's boxes have "XMP Certified".

Now, what are then the main differences between these 2 RAMS?

I need to know, since I found a "Z" version for 30 euros less than the "A" version and I'm wondering which I should buy.

P.s. My mobo is GA-H110M-S2H, but I'm planning to get these ram now and bring them to my new build on a Z370 with i5-8400 by end of 2018.

Thanks all
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