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well i have many ideas that corsair should take in to note
note before reading my critisisms i own the Corsair H115i CPU cooler as well as Vengeance LPX RAM fans SSD and a bunch of other corsair stuff i am the one for all guy who would rather have things which work well together such as lighting than have a bunch of stuff from like 20 manufacturers and 70% of my new PC is corsair (haven't decided on the case yet)

1) Release the Obsidian 750D with a non Aluminum chassis and update the I/O
2) Release the Air 740 with NO door that just attracts unwanted visitors opening your case as it is so easy to do so and you can just peak in and see what happens if you touch something and another thing is if someone did open it then they could easily close it without being caught if they hear you coming or whatever
3) Release the Carbide 600C with a non inverse layout and have bottom and top fan mounts not just bottom, front and back
4) Have a long dust filter for cases with a bottom fan/radiator mount one which can accommodate for the PSU and fan/radiator mounts
5) Include more fan filers on all cases the top of each case is the most exposed take it from a guy who has to clear dust off the top of his tower every so often as gravity and other reasons as well as falling dust particles would go through the top of the case more often than the back or front
6) The Graphite 760T has no airflow on the top of the case
7) The Graphite 780T has bad and exposed I/O and the reset button and power button can easily be pressed by accident
8) PSU shrouds for Graphite cases
9) Why only half a PSU shroud on the Crystal 570X
10) Lack of new cases in the full tower and small tower ranges the last full tower was the 600C back in 2015 i think and now it is 2017

well now their peripherals and other stuff relating to corsair
1) no update to the M95 Mouse that was the best Corsair mouse ever made it lacked a good sensor and RGB lighting
2) when corsair released the Pro version of the Scimitar i expected pro not just onboard storage (which was supposed to be on the original) and DPI settings only like 1% of the owners would use i would have liked to see an extra button like the Logitech G600 or something as i use that extra button for sniping but have waited for 2 years for its replacement 2 years and nothing only ****
3) Why do the mechanical keyboards have such large cables my spare non corsair keyboard with no passthrough has a braided cable with a diameter of less than 50% of what corsair have and i could even tape a USB extension with a braided cable and it would take up less space also the thick cable makes it easy to break my K70 RGB Rapidfire was bent and was slightly fraying due to the pressure of slightly bending it as there was no other way to use it but luckily amazon RMA'd for an unrelated reason
4) My Void Wireless RGB only works wirelessly not with the charging cable and it also lacks turning the lights off without using link or onboard storage to save profiles
5) Corsair Link lighting kit does not even work with CUE i would have loved to see it work together using the visor on my K70 with the MM800 Polaris was epic but when my new build is finished i would love to see the visor going off in to the case
6) Why do all USB sticks besides the Padlock 3 have the old logo update them already
well that is my rant towards corsair i do not mean to hate on them but just for rectifying these issues or by releasing alternative cases or whatever to rectify these issues would be better
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