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Originally Posted by Northwoods View Post
As the title says, I have two questions regarding the hard drive cages and sleds for the Corsair 900D.

Question number one is this:
On the cages, there is a hole that lines up with a hole on a sled. There's just the one hole, and just on one side. See picture, where the mystery holes in question are encircled in red:

I'm curious and a bit stumped as to what that hole is for. As far as I've been able to see, there are no threads for any of the supplied screws to screw into. Does it have a purpose or is it just there?
My guess is that is for System Builder, (who'll be shipping whole systems), to allow them to lock the populated sleds into the cages for security.

Originally Posted by Northwoods View Post

Now, the real question number two is this: Has anyone had any success in reducing noise and vibrations from the hard drives in any way? I can't even begin to imagine what it must sound like if you were to use two or three cages at once!
I'm running 6 harddrives in the two non-hotswap cages. 1 SSD and 5 x 7200 RPM WD drives. 2 x RE2, 2 WD Black's and 1 x WD Blue. I don't have any noticeable harmonics from the drives. My case is positioned on my desk, about 16" from my keyboard.

The one thing that I can think of that might be significant is that I have the two cages attached under the optical bays because I have fans in the lower section. Perhaps this makes a difference?

Have you tried putting something behind the cages where they attach to the back of the case? I'm not using anything, but perhaps it could help you if that's where the vibrations are generating noise.

Can you post a link to some of the threads of people who are also experiencing that problem, I'm curious what the common denominator might be?
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