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Right, while I don't meant to unnecessarily bump a thread, I'm a bit furious at this point at the design of the drive cages and the sleds.

My current problem is this: The well-documented (on forums) problem of beat frequencies when you have two hard drives that run at very slightly different speeds. Both drives are 7200 RPM, but of course they're not running at exactly the same speed.

Normally, a solution to this entails propping up the drives on some rubber grommets, o-rings, or rubber pads. Try to isolate at least one of the drives as much as possible from the other so that the vibrations from both drives do not interfere with each other and cause that "oscillating hum" which increases and decreases in intensity ever few seconds.

However, from my fiddling under the past week this is proving to be near impossible with the 900D's drive mounting system.

I can more or less squeeze some rubber in between the drive and the sled, isolating the drive by at least a few fractions of a millimeter from the ineffective rubber mounts on the sled. However, that's not the whole story. The sleds themselves can in no way be effectively isolated from the cage as a whole. The rails on the cage that the sled slides into are only 0.1~0.3mm (if even that) from the sled on all sides. There's simply no room anywhere to put any sort of dampening material to keep the sleds from vibrating all over the cage, negating any dampening done on the drive to the sled.

Although unfortunately, using rubber to prop the drive up on the sled has proven to be largely ineffective at stopping any sort of noise or vibration.

Furthermore, the sleds cannot be physically secured to the cage by any means (as far as I can tell). So again, even by that method there's no way of reducing vibrations.

To conclude, I really am hoping that I've missed something, and that I'm not the only one having issues with hard drive vibration with this case. Buying SSDs is simply not an option given that they still cost many times more than a conventional mechanical disk.
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