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Thank you for your post! Let me give a quick update based on contacts at Intel and posts elswhere:

1. The power cycle on/off was more limited with the new BIOS from May 2008. Yet, it happens the first time you plug the power supply to the AC outlet, with a display from the Watchdog Timer that the POST was unsuccessful and offers to change BIOS options, even though nothing is changed, and then you reboot and it's fine. It's only when you apply power the first time with some configurations (Quad+DDR3 1333 and above?) or if you use a switch on your extension cord/power outlet obviously, even if it boots fine, if you remove AC power it will happen again the first time (not good for the hard drives!!!). Subsequent starups are fine. Change of memory, power supply etc, it's the same issue. Intel has confirmed the bug and has esclated the issue for their engineering department to investigate. I have not received any updates for a while. They did not know why it said the POST was unsuccessful, but they found the SAME bug on their own setup!!!

2. The SMBus issue I mentioned earlier is also a bug that I got Intel to finally confirm. They will be looking at it. It happens with the drivers 8.3 and above. I got an error message in Vista saying the drivers were missing, that how I found it, but not every body gets the message, but the result is the same in any case, there is a bug in device manager. IDCC may have additional drivers apparently that could take care of the bug. Other than the bug in the device manager and the error message in Vista that some may see, no other issues found yet with that bug.

3. The TCP/IP error I found in my event log is described as Microsoft as a limit to prevent virus spread, since it limits outbound connections to IP addresses that are not valid (25 failed connections per second with Vista Ultimate). So I thought because I'm the only one with the bug (not using peer to peer or torrent), that I have a virus or a bad network card in the motherboard? Noooo. This one is a Microsoft bug. If you select 30 songs or so in Windows explorer and rigt click to add to Windows Media player playlist or simply play (it's like the most basic thing one would do with Vista right??? and I do it after installation to test the sound and channels, before I install iTunes etc)...well apparently Windows connects to multiple addresses and also incorrect addresses, even if you choose all options in configuration for Windows Media Player to NEVER connect to internet for any reason. Well obviously it is still trying to connect, and to bad IP addresses too! I would like to hear Microsoft on that one. Spying? Also I duplicated the issue on other PCs (even at BestBuy!!!). You will see the TCP/IP error, which will limit your network connection and also tell you that this is for Virus protection if you search Microsoft's KB. Good job Microsoft.

4. I get some BSODs/"atikmdag display driver has recovered" messages, maybe once a week. It's random and not frequent at all, but usually not long after a startup. There are tons of people with that issue (Google). Other than that, it's very stable. I updated all drivers -- same. The only real issue is when installing Norton from the free 2008 BankofAmerica trial file (I'm saying that because it's the only version I tried), it freezes the computer at random points during or after installation. Then I get tons of BSODs, etc. After yet another reformat, I have no issues with other programs -- McAfee, image word editing tools, music etc, no issues during installatoin, no freeze. So is it really only Norton?? Because I never get a screen freeze otherwise, but I do get some atikmdag display driver has recovered occasionally, just on 2D desktop.

RamGuy: I have read on ATI's website that most likely the memory/motherboard can be involved. I will try to underclock my card (HD 3650, not overcloked, default settings) to see if it helps, then try a different memory setting to see if that helps reduce the frequency atikmdag bug. I have 4 GB of TW3X4G1333C9DHX (2x2GB). I set it at 1.7V vs. the default of the DX48BT2 board which is 1.5V (note that I got BSODs with Norton before with TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX which is rated at 1.5V and I had at 1.5V, but OK one stick was defective and the errors may have been caused by Norton too so it's hard to conclude). 1.7V is what is shown on the sticker on my new memory modules TW3X4G1333C9DHX. I ran memtest for 11 passes overnight with no errors.

RamgGuy, What do you suggest as a more stable frequency and timing for that memory to try? I have 1333 MHz and 9-9-9-24 which is what is printed on the modules...what about the bus options mentioned by Andy0x1?
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