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Well after searching and searching i found this and it worked. It was posted on the forums here. You are limited but can at least change the color of your Corsair Vengeance RGB ram now...

Originally Posted by Kazihel View Post
I was having the same issue of getting the ram lighting to work with icue. I accidentally found a solution that worked for me and might work for anyone else who is having this problem. My motherboard (Asrock B365M Pro4) does not allow you to enable SPD Write, so this is where I (and probably a lot of others) ran into problems. iCue knows you have ram in the dashboard, but wont let you get to the rgb customization. It recognizes my H115i ALO just fine though. My GPU is the Gigabyte varient of the RTX 2060, and the logo is rgb so naturally I downloaded the RGB Fusion software for gigabyte

This is where the fix comes in. When going through and setting up the rgb for my GPU, I noticed my ram was there. Funny enough, I can customize my RGB CORSAIR ram through GIGABYTE'S software. So if you cant get your ram to be detected in the iCue software, try out the Gigabyte software and it might be there. Sucks I cant get it synced, but at least I can get it to the colors that I want in static or effects.

Hope this helped some of you out, I've been trying to get this to work for hours and figured others are doing the same. Good luck finding another fix if this one doesnt work for you
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