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Originally Posted by CryWolf View Post
Hello guys,

I've been using 5 LL fans of 140mm on my system for about a month now. They are all connected on the Lighting Node Pro that came with the 3 fan pack running the Firmware version 0.7.122. iCUE version is 3.15.101.

When I turn my computer on they behave normally, first lighting white, which is the color I set up to run the LL fans when the iCue is not running, and then, when the computer logs in, my color profile works just fine.

The problem is that, after some time using the computer, randomly the colors from my profile stops to work and all LL fans turns white. When this happens I noticed that iCue still recognizes the Lighting Node Pro but it doesn't respond to anything I try to change. I tried changing profiles, updating firmware, closing and opening again the iCue, reseting iCue service and even uninstalling and installing again the iCue. Nothing works... Randomly the colors change to white and and only works again if I restart the computer.

It is important to note that my motherboard only have 2 USB 2 ports, 1 is using for the H115i and the other one I'm using for the NZXT Internal USB HUB, on which I'm using to plug the Lighting Node Pro and my frontal USB 2 ports. I'm only using it because Corsair requires a Internal USB 2 port for each hardware you buy, which is sad...

Please, help me with this problem and sorry for any english mistake, english is not my native language.

Thank you all.
Hey there,

Have you tried plugging the node pro directly into the motherboard? It could be a faulty hub if so. leave the h115i plugged in and disconnect the front io port usb and just plug in the node pro to motherboard to determine if it is a faulty usb hub.

That being said some notes to remember, the LL140s only come in a 2 pack, are you sure you didnt buy a triple pack LL120? The RGB LED hub will have no issues with the 120 + 140 fans as they have same number LEDs but as they are on a chain, if one fails, the rest are unable to work because one of them stopped passing the signal.
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