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Default newly purchased Corsair One i160 - noise levels

Hi Guys,

I have just received a new COrsair One i160. However, I am a bit puzzled about noise levels.

Can you tell me if yours Corsair One i160's are completely quiet when idle ?

Mine has definitively a fun running when idle, i can also hear a noise which reassembles HDD head moving from time to time (and i can hear some liquid noise (resembling very faint noise of a dropping droplet).

When checked iCUE says that the main fan is running at 200 RPM, pumps at 1900-1850(GPU and 1950 CPU (RPMs). CPU coolant is at 42C, GPU at 38C. CPU temps are around 46C. Corsair Link is reporting GPU at 39C, CPU at 44-46C. One weird thing I noticed that MB temps #1-3 are above 100C (and only slightly changing),and that the fan is running at 3500 RPM. MB temp #4 is around 55C, and this is what MSI Command Centre/BIOS is reporting as well.

At times when iCUE was reporting fan speed at 0, i still heard a fan noise and a HDD head moving noise. There was no HDD activity at that time based on System Monitor.

After purchase, I updated Windows and all drivers through MSI Live update and installed Command Centre and Corsair Link.

So here goes my Q - is my One i160 a dud?:)
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