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I had the same issue with TWO headsets. Neither were dropped, I thought I was going crazy. Both in the right earcup. Both with that same sound, it sounds like a membrane flexing. Very low volume in right earcup. Brand new HS50's. Literally less than a few weeks old.

I'm returning to the shop I got it from and I've bought a HyperX Cloud, my partner has one and they seem so much sturdier.

Guess what I did to break both of them? I took them off my head. That's all. I didn't throw them against anything, or drop them, or bash them. I just took them off my head. Both times I misjudged and ended up knocking the earcup more into my head than taking them off, it's hard to describe. But they both broke in the same way.

Absolutely useless, flimsy product. I imagine the warehouse at Corsair is filling up with these headsets.

Without a doubt, the worst, flimsiest and most expensive-for-the-quality gaming accessory I've ever used. I actually miss my 20 set of gamecom headset I had many years ago.
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