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Default memory issues

Originally Posted by cjthom
You need to select Ctrl+F1 to get into the Advanced settings. This will then give you access to the RAM timings but take care as errors can stop your PC from rebooting. The problem with the PC rebooting without any particular reason could be a virus. If you have an anti virus checker, make sure it is up to date a do a full scan. I know one of the latest viruses can cause this problem. Another reader had LAN problems which I believe he never resolved. You could try downloading the latest program just in case you have a very early version. There is also now a F9 BIOS out which has finally stabilized my system. I still have to adjust the timings though as it defaults to 2.5 Ras to CASS which will not work with my RAM which should be set to 2-2-2-6.

I ran the memory all night at the default settings not knowing how to get into the advanced setting. With one stick it ran the settings all night with no errors. I reset the timing this morning with the advanced setting(ctrl+F1) is a bit tricky figureing out exactly what 2-2-2-6 means. Anyway I read down the list and find cas latency default 2.5 options(2,2.5,3) active precharge 8 (10,9,8,7,6) Ras to cas delay 3 (4,3,2) Ras precharge3 (4,3,2) refresh mode 7.8 (7.8,15,64). With one stick if I read my list right I set it for 2,6,2,2. It failed every other test.I reset it to 2,8,3,3 and it passed every test,but Iam not sure what all this means. The memory is xms3200 cl2. Thanks
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